Who's Selling My Product?! The Easy Way To Find All Your Dropshipping Competitors

Find the other Shopify dropshippers selling your product, their stores, revenue, best sellers and much more.

SaleSource Team

Who's Selling My Product?! The Easy Way To Find All Your Dropshipping Competitors

Ever wondered who else is dropshipping the products you're dropshipping? That's right - someone else is selling the products that you spent countless hours researching, the products that you love and have a passion for, and even the products that you just added in order to fill up your store. Luckily, there's a way to find out exactly who else is selling your products and much more.

The SaleSource Product Analyzer

SaleSource Product Analyzer Shopify competitor analysis page

Using SaleSource's advanced machine learning algorithms, SaleSource detects all other Shopify & WordPress stores selling your product. This works with any product, and you can supply a Shopify Product Page Link, AliExpress Product Link or product image , to begin the analysis. Stores are ranked by monthly sales, so the best stores & product layouts will appear first. Shopolis Shopify product page with hamster

With one click, you can visit the competitors product page and view exactly the experience they're providing their customers. This allows you to instantly see which sales strategies work for your exact niche.

In addition to this, viewing all competitors selling the same product provides a top-down view of the dropshipping landscape, in other words, you can see what everybody else is doing, get inspired their stores OR innovate on their stores & sales techniques.

Without a doubt, this is the most useful product research technique. The ability to view exactly how many competitors are also selling any given product is the foresight dropshippers need in this competitive 2020 ecommerce climate.

Crucial data like the date of competitor store creation, store apps, theme, best selling products and more provide a comprehensive outline that is vital to competitor research. Dropshippers can then use this data to enhance their own stores with as little as one click to install a vital, conversion boosting app.

The Verified Theme

SaleSource's Store Scan provides an inbuilt theme checker which instantly detects any of the 72 Shopify free / premium themes, as well as many more custom themes - including Booster Theme, Shoptimized, Turbo Theme and many more.

Never again will you have to wonder what theme a store is using - with SaleSource you can instantly find the right theme for your niche, which is a key part to boosting brand identity, increasing sales and gaining customer trust.

The Shopify Apps

The apps that a Shopify store uses can make or break the business. Being able to instantly find out the exact apps on a Shopify store used to be impossible - until now. With SaleSource, you can view the apps that a Shopify store uses to deliver their unique customer experience, and not only that, with a click of a button you can install these same apps yourself.

This is a must have feature for any dropshipper researching their competitors, allowing you to quickly and easily attain the same functionality as some of the top Shopify stores.

Is Your Product A Seller or Saturated?

Shopify general dropshipping store best selling products

By clicking on "View Best Sellers" or using the SaleSource Scan feature on a particular website you are interested in, you can instantly see the best selling products of any Shopify Store. Once there, take a look and check if your product is in the list.

As a general rule of thumb, the top 20% of products on a Shopify store get 80% of the sales - according to this, we can determine that if we check our top competitors, and our product is absent from their best sellers list, that the product is not yet saturated at the highest level.

Also, checking competitor stores (in the same niche) and checking their best sellers is an amazing, underused way to find trending products to sell. You may notice that it is possible to view the date products were uploaded onto the competitors stores.

Using SaleSource, we ran a study of over 35,000 products to check how the saturation level depended on the average date products were uploaded to a store, using top dropshipping stores as our control group. In this study saturation was defined as number of competitor stores selling the same product, as determined by our machine learning algorithms.

SaleSource Research Number of Competitor Dropshipping Stores By Product Date Uploaded Graph

Products uploaded in 2-12 months ago were the most likely to be saturated, having a lot of competitors selling them at the same time. Notice the drop off in the 12-24 month category, this is when websites typically deleted saturated products that did not sell well.

The best group of products, with the least competitors and best selling potential was the recently uploaded products that had been uploaded less than 1 month ago.

Finding Products That Are Trending Now

Shopify Store recently uploaded products

Using the SaleSource Store Scan feature, you can view the recently uploaded products of any Shopify store. This is our favourite way to find new, unsaturated products. These products are under the radar, and can be considered potential best sellers.

We would highly recommend testing products from this category, especially if they belong to a store with a high estimated monthly revenue. Typically these top dropshipping businesses employ countless methods to find that one new product with viral potential, therefore the items in this list are vetted and have the requirements to be a best seller if marketed correctly.

Learn From The Best - Tracking Successful Stores

Shopify store tracker

SaleSource makes it possible to track your favourite stores, receive notifications when they upload new products, when their monthly revenue increases or decreases, and when the position of their best selling products changes.

This feeds right into the previous point of being able to view recently uploaded products as soon as they're uploaded, allowing you to instantly jump in and get the first mover advantage.

Final Words

Overall, knowing exactly who else is selling your product is key to competitor research and product research alike. With this knowledge, not only will you easily boost your stores sales, revenue, customer trust, brand loyalty and much more by emulating and learning from success, but you'll innovate and learn to make your own decisions as to what sells or not by using SaleSource's powerful tools.

SaleSource Team