Find Dropshipping Products That Ship From The USA - The Easy Way

Dropshipping products that ship from the USA are notoriously hard to find, unless you use this simle technique to find them

SaleSource Team

Find Dropshipping Products That Ship From The USA - The Easy Way

It's undoubtable that the number one problem most dropshippers face is shipping. Long shipping times can result in a poor customer experience, bad reviews and many more undesirable consequences for a business if not handled correctly.

While using ePacket to ship products does somewhat help to alleviate this issue when dropshipping, what if there was a better way?

The methods available to fix this issue used to be sparse - find an expensive product (manufactured in the US) and dropship this to customers within the USA.

This method can work - but it effectively region locks your dropshipping business, as international shipping costs are prohibitively high when shipping out from the USA.

The other option is to store your inventory in a US fulfillment center, however this means you are no longer dropshipping and incur fulfillment center fees and many more extra costs.

In this article, we will introduce a third option - of finding the exact same products you would normally buy from AliExpress shipped from the USA. We will show you exactly how fast USA shipping will enhance your customer experience, reduce returns and refunds, increase sales and earn your store recurring customers and rave reviews.

Bear in mind, you will still be able to ship internationally using ePacket shipping - our store will still be able to ship worldwide and at the same time provide a stellar service for customers within the USA.

Find Dropshipping Products Stored in USA Warehouses

SaleSource AliExpress dropshipping products with USA shipping

Fast shipping times solve a lot of the problems involved in the dropshipping process and AliExpress suppliers know that, which is why some suppliers have started stocking their products in dedicated USA warehouses to give you an advantage. Using SaleSource, we can view products that ship directly from the USA to your customers doorstep, all in one place - for any niche you can imagine.

SaleSource AliExpress dropshipping products with USA shipping narrowed down

We can see that we can now search for dropshipping products in the Mens Clothing niche that have 4-7 day USA shipping. This provides a great variety of products we can source, with the possibility of narrowing down the product categories to find even the most obscure niches, for example, mens authentic leather jackets shipped from the United States.

As you can see, using a dropship spy tool such as SaleSource is the best possible way to find USA dropshipping products.

Is Offering USA Shipping Really Worth It?

While there are many good things to be said about offering USA shipping, the vast majority of dropshippers do not explicity offer shipping from the USA or faster shipping options. In this section, we will explore the upsides and downsides of offering USA shipping to your dropshipping store customers.

Reduce Returns and Refunds

A longer shipping time typically results in more customer disatisfaction, which can manifest its way through customers asking for a refund or asking to return the item, as they feel it may have not been worth the wait. When providing fast 4-7 day USPS shipping with a tracking number, customers receive their order in a timely manner and are far less likely to make refund requests.

Increase Sales By Earning Recurring Customers

Customer retention is driven by customer experience. It goes without saying, a good customer experience, with fast shipping time is one of the best ways to earn recurring customers, provided they're satisfied with the quality and function of the product.

Get Stellar Reviews

Many mis-managed dropshipping stores have owners that complain of poor reviews on TrustPilot and Facebook, which can negatively impact their business in the long run. In contrast to this, when customers are satisfied, especially when receiving fast, tracked USA shipping, they are far more likely to leave positive reviews.

Now be warned, there are some disadvantages to choosing products with USA shipping:

  • Higher shipping fee / higher product cost
  • Smaller product selection
  • Not worth doing if most orders are international

Find Any Winning Product With USA Shipping

Many dropshippers find product listings they love on AliExpress that appear to only ship out from China. However, this can be misleading, as popular products have suppliers willing to provide USA shipping warehouses, the question is, how do you find them?

While this used to only be available for products with high orders, more and more suppliers are now offering USA shipping. You can instantly find all suppliers available for any product using SaleSource, all you'll need is either a picture of the product you want to search for, or a link to the AliExpress product page or a Shopify product page. Suppliers with USA shipping will appear at the top.

SaleSource AliExpress supplier comparison moon lamp

Here we have analyzed the Moon Lamp, a very popular dropshipping product. We gave SaleSource an AliExpress product listing and this is what we found.

2 listings that can ship this product out from the United States, providing any dropshipper with a huge competitive advantage. In addition, the product price is low and ePacket shipping is available for international orders.

AlIExpress Moon Lamp Free USA Shipping

Upon visiting the listing, we see more good news - there is free shipping provided for this product from the USA with the USPS shipping method, with a 4-13 day delivery time. We can also see that this supplier provides warehouses in many other countries, however, the USA warehouse by far has the greatest stock of the product.

SaleSource Research reasons for checkout abandonment

While some dropshippers may be tempted to make customers pay extra for USA shipping to recoup some of the costs of providing such a service, we would highly discourage this, since some of the biggest reasons customers abandon cart are for unexpected shipping costs during the checkout process.

53% of respondents said that extra costs, including shipping & fees, caused a checkout abandonment, whereas only 18% of abandonded checkouts were because delivery time was too slow. Therefore providing free USA shipping eliminates both of these issues and increases conversion rate.

Final Words

To conclude, it is possible to provide your customers with USA shipping without having to compromise on product selection if you use SaleSource to do your product research. That being said, USA shipping might not always be the best option, especially when the costs of product and shipping are prohibitively expensive. To conclude, USA shipping is a powerful tool in any dropshippers toolkit and should be used when appropriate.

SaleSource Team