What is
Product Analytics ?

Performs product analyses on items you want to include in your own store.
Enter the Aliexpress/Shopify URL then locate the best match on AliExpress so you can make plans to start dropshipping it.


In Product Analytics Suppliers tab, you can check the core information of the analysed product.

  • The total order that has been made
  • The total supplier volume
  • Average suipplier's sold price
  • Compare price between suppliers
  • Import the product to Oberlo
Shopify Products

In Product Analytics's Shopify Products tab, you can see the analysed product's prices.

  • Average seller price
  • Product's last launched date
  • Analyse product
  • View product page
  • Add to collection
Shopify Stores

In Product Analytics's Shopify Stores, you can see the other websites that sells the product.

  • Analyze Store
  • View Store
  • View Products
  • Add to Collection

Display all the images of analysed product.
You can also download the images and use it for your store.

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Why Choose SaleSource?

SaleSource dropshipping lets you focus on product marketing.
In other words, you can say the right things at the right time and give the right person with the right amount.

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