The Secret To Find Out How Much Money Your Shopify Dropshipping Competitors Are Making

Find out exactly how much money other dropshippers are making, what their best selling products are and much more.

SaleSource Team

The Secret To Find Out How Much Money Your Shopify Dropshipping Competitors Are Making

Ever wondered how much the other dropshipping stores are making? Feel like you're being kept in the dark with no way to verify the results of your competitors? At the end of the day, there is no way to find out when your competitors first created their stores, no way to find out what apps they're using, no way to see their best selling products or products they've recently uploaded. Or is there?

The SaleSource Store Scan

SaleSource Shopify Store Analysis

The Sales Algorithm

The SaleSource store scan works using a cutting edge machine learning algorithm and is based on largest repository of real ecommerce sales data, improving its estimates every day. Using our patent-pending VolumeFind2 formula, we generate accurate estimates of monthly sales volume. This GymShark estimated sales volume is directly in line with their $200,000,000+ yearly sales revenue forecast for 2019.

SaleSource Research Shopify Store Revenue Estimate Accuracy We've tested the VolumeFind2 algorithm on over 2,000 verified revenue stores using the SaleSource app, and found the monthly revenue estimates to be 92% accurate, meaning that in 92% of cases, the stores monthly revenue fell in between our estimated range. When switched to a 3 month rolling period, the accuracy jumps to 95.6%.

In other words, SaleSource's store scan is the best way bar none to research ecommerce competitors in terms of revenue. But that is only the beginning - see how these features that take the SaleSource Store Scan to the next level:

Analyze Any Store At Any Time

Analysis of a Shopify store using the SaleSource Chrome Extension

When browsing ecommerce websites online, whether it be from viewing dropshipping Facebook Ads or being directly linked, very little important data can be seen directly.

Using the SaleSource Chrome Extension, not only can you instantly find out if you're browsing a Shopify store, but with one click you can instantly analyze any store or product as discussed in this article.

This allows you to check whether a store is dropshipping or not based on whether their product images match AliExpress suppliers, and is must have tool for product research on the go.

The Date of Creation

Shopify store date of creation and apps

SaleSource allows you to look at the date of store domain creation, which means that you can see how long any store has been open under a certain domain. In most cases, when a Shopify seller registers their domain, they're ready to begin selling. Combined this data with SaleSource's revenue information, you can view the rate of growth of any store.

In the above example, Hygoshop, a store that has been open for just over 2 years, has scaled to an estimated $2.4 million to $4.8 million per month, all by using the dropship business model. As well as being one of the top stores, HygoShop is an innovator in dropship video content creation and powers its dropshipping empire with multiple sales channels - all revealed by SaleSource's algorithms.

The Verified Theme

SaleSource's Store Scan provides an inbuilt theme checker which instantly detects any of the 72 Shopify free / premium themes, as well as many more custom themes - including Booster Theme, Shoptimized, Turbo Theme and many more.

Never again will you have to wonder what theme a store is using - with SaleSource you can instantly find the right theme for your niche, which is a key part to boosting brand identity, increasing sales and gaining customer trust.

The Shopify Apps

The apps that a Shopify store uses can make or break the business. Being able to instantly find out the exact apps on a Shopify store used to be impossible - until now. With SaleSource, you can view the apps that a Shopify store uses to deliver their unique customer experience, and not only that, with a click of a button you can install these same apps yourself.

This is a must have feature for any dropshipper researching their competitors, allowing you to quickly and easily attain the same functionality as some of the top Shopify stores.

The Best Sellers

HygoShop Shopify dropshipping store best selling products

SaleSource's Store Scan will show you the best selling products of a store, as well the date they were uploaded onto the site. Not only does this allow you to view products that are proven to sell (especially on high monthly revenue stores), you can also instantly see the products that are trending and the products that are saturated already.

Combine this with SaleSource's powerful product analyzer feature and you can instantly find suppliers, product videos, product descriptions and much more for any product you are interested in selling.

Moon Lamp dropshipping product best sellers

The Recently Trending

Shopify store recently uploded products

One of the best ways to find new, trending products before they go viral is to view the recently uploaded section of top Shopify stores using the SaleSource Store Scan feature. The testing for these products has already been done for you by the owners of these highly successful stores, meaning that each of these products is a potential best seller.

To increase the effectiveness of this method, we recommend finding top stores in your niche and using the SaleSource Track Store functionality, which will notify you as soon as the tracked store uploads a new product. This means you will never miss out on a trending product or best seller, and can have the first mover advantage when scaling & testing new products.

Final Words

Researching competitor stores is key to Shopify Ecommerce & Dropshipping success. The first advice entrepreneurs are given when they think of a new business venture: Look at what is already out there - with SaleSource's store scanner, you can view the revenue, themes, apps, ads and best sellers of any Shopify store in one click. This feature has been instrumental to the success of tens of thousands of entrepeneurs in the dropshipping world, and we think it'll help you succeed as well.

SaleSource Team