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In order to succeed in the business model of dropshipping you have to study both success and failure, which means looking at top stores as an example of what to do and looking at stores that did not succeed as an example of what not to do. Finding stores that are struggling to make sales is unfortunately not difficult, they are found everywhere, from forums, to blogs, to YouTube channels.

But where can we find verified top stores? Where can we find the stores that truly set an example of what a dropshipping store should be? There are no revenue rankings or store rankings - there's no definitive lists of the top dropshipping stores. Or are there?

Enter The World of the Top Dropshipping Stores

salesource top Shopify dropshipping stores With SaleSource's Top Stores feature, you can instantly see the top Shopify stores, as well as the top (Shopify) dropshipping stores. Simply switch over to the "Dropshipping" section to view & be inspired by these dropshipping stores, ranked by estimated monthly revenue.

When looking through the list, your goal should be to find new winning product & store design ideas - here's exactly how to do that & what to look for.

Diving Deep Into A Shopify Dropshipping Store

Shopify store deep analysis

Straight away, you'll be able to see the estimated monthly revenue of any store, as well as the recently uploaded products. You can get a good idea of the niche of the store here, but in order to dive deep into the real important details of the store, we can click on the "Analyze Store" button to get all the details.

From the above example, we can see that this store is likely to be a General Store that sells gadget-type products, but we can't know for sure until we've taken a deeper dive into the stores content.

SaleSource Shopify dropshipping store scan

Now that we've used the SaleSource Store Analyzer, we can see an amazing fact about this store - it was created just over 1 year ago! The specific start date, the 28th June 2018, means that at the time of writing this article, the store has scaled from $0 - $1,500,000 per month in 1 year and 6 months.

In addition to this, we can see something even more amazing. The second place best seller, the 3-in-1 Magnetic Cable Charger, was uploaded just 10 days ago ( at the time of writing) - meaning that this product has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue just 10 days after launch.

We will now dive deep and take a detailed look into what makes convert so well and by doing this, we will attempt to distill the elements of success into steps you can follow. When looking at a Shopify store, there are some main pages that most customers are going to visit - these are the pages we will analyze when taking an in-depth look at the 5econds website.

  1. The Product Pages
  2. The Home Page
  3. The Collection Page
  4. The Cart Page

5econds is an exceptional store, as they have all their products in one collection. Normally, we would not advise doing this, however it seems to be working very well for 5econds due to the style of their website. Let's begin our deep dive into their dropshipping store.

The Shopify Product Page

Shopify dropshipping store product page

Product Title

Highlighted in red, we can see the title of the product - it is fully capitalised, drawing attention to the information presented. The first few words, 3-in-1, increases the value proposition, suggesting that the customer is getting 3 charger heads for the price of 1.

The "Magnetic" component explains the lighting bolt diagram included in the product image to the right, and the rest of the title outliens the other type of cable heads - Micro USB, USB Type C and Lightning adaptors all within a single cable.

We can't forget the SALE icon, which is immediately associated with the product title, suggesting to the customer they are getting the product at a discounted price.

Product Price, Reviews & Scarcity Timer

In this section, highlighted in blue, the first thing we see is thirty-three 5 Star Reviews. Since customers shopping online are now accustomed to seeing reviews, the psychological effect is the perception that this is an excellent product, with many reviews that have given it a rating of 5 stars. This functionality is available through the Loox product reviews app, which can be see on the previous SaleSource Store Scan.

Secondly, we can see that the price of the product is 50% off. 50% off is a steep discount, but doesn't necessarily have to have anything to do with the actual price of the product - in fact, it is likely 5econds chose $14.99 as the main price of the product, then doubled the "RRP price" in order to make the discount seem steep.

The scarcity timer encourages impulse purchases, by implying that the discount will end in less than a day. However, this is not a true scarcity timer - once the day finishes, the product will still be half price. Although we would personally not encourage the use of such a timer, it seems to be effective in this scenario.

Low Stock Counter, Add To Cart Button

In this section, highlighted in green, a low stock counter prompts the customer that the exact configuration of this product only has 10 units left. This is likely to be made up, in order to contribute to scarcity and encourage a quick, impulse purchase.

The Buy Now With Paypal button serves two purposes - firstly, to let customers know that PayPal, a trusted payment processor for most online shoppers, is available, and secondly, to allow them to skip the add to cart process and buy the item outright.

Social Proof Popup

A feature of the site that we found quite irritating was the social proof popup. This is real, and an indication of the large volume of sales 5econds is getting - it shows which customer bought what and from where, to encourage further sales and commerce.

The Product Description

Shopify store product description

Although far too long to show within this article, the above snippet showcases the high quality of the product description. These detailed images were taken from the suppliers AliExpress product page and serve as informative diagrams showcasing the products functionality while also breaking up the text explaining all the products features.

The product description gives a detailed overview of the product functionality, further adding to the perceived value from the view of the customer. The product description is very long, informative and reads well. It includes technical language that can be understood by most, and a clear, concise overview of each product feature without overselling.

Reviews & Frequently Bought Together

Shopify store product description

Having a Frequently Bought Together plugin on your Shopify Product Pages is scientifically proven to increase average order value and boost sales. In addition, product reviews are a great way to gather social proof and show that people are actually buying the product, as well as keeping customers informed about the upsides of the item you are selling.

In particular, picture reviews are excellent, as customers can see the product that they're buying from the customers cameras, i.e., not cameras professionaly designed to make the product look as good as possible - this is an honest signal for new customers and a great way to increase your conversion rate. Loox Product reviews for Shopify is also useful in that you can control who can submit a reivew for your product or manually add product reviews yourself.

Overall Thoughts on Product Page

This product page is designed to drive a high volume of impulse purchases, as opposed to sell a product for a high price with luxury branding. If the product being sold was much more expensive, the tactics employed above would not work. However, the sales strategies employed by 5econds work marvelously for this product.

The Home Page

Shopify store product reviews by Loox and Frequently Bought Together

The Navigation Bar

The navigation bar, highlighted in red, is a key part to any store, and in this scenario, 5econds have chosen to showcase the most important and popularly requested aspects of the site. For example, the About Us page is instrumental for a new brand a customer has not previously heard of.

In addition to this, a direct link to the Sale section of the site is there. Unexpectedly though, the Refund page is also linked, which we would normally not encourage - however 5econds must have a reason, perhaps to increase transparency about refunds and returns to customers and therefore boost sales.

5econds also have a drop down FAQ, with two FAQ pages - one for Order Tracking and another one for Shipping Details. Both pages are filled with very detailed information that answers many possible customer questions. The shipping details are honest and accurate, and we believe this helps 5econds boost sales and reduce customer support queries.

The Logo

Highlighted in blue, 5econds have a great logo and idea behind their brand. The logo is clean, professional and not overdone - it adds to the legitimacy of the brand and builds customer trust.

The Currency Converter

The currency converter, highlighted in orange, implies that 5econds rely on an international audience to purchase their products, as they have a currency converter to change all product prices to over 100 currencies. We highly recommend installing an automatic currency converter on your store as it will boost international sales greatly.

The Banner

The main banner, also known as the hero banner, is highlighted in green. Including people in your banner, especially human faces, is a great way to increase engagement and time spent on site. When a customer sees a human face, they know that they are looking at something familiar - something they recognise. This can increase the feeling of comfort and reassurance for the customer and helps secure the sale.

The Content

5econds home page content, highlighted in purple, is interesting - as 5econds have decided to list their actual best selling products. 5econds have picked the hottest, proven best sellers of all time and are simply showing them in the hopes that something will catch the customers eye.

Home Page Overview

The home page is excellent and reinforces the values and style of the brand. It employes multiple elements to boost conversions without going overboard.

The Cart Page

Shopify dropshipping store home page

Double Proceed To Checkout Buttons

There are two proceed to checkout buttons, highlighted in red. This is likely to be so that, no matter where the customer looks, they are reminded to checkout and complete their purchase. The buttons are also very large and happen to be the most eye catching buttons on the page by far.

The call to action green colour signifies that the "Proceed To Checkout" button is ready to be clicked on, bolstered by the tick icon to the left of the button.

Customer Savings

Highlighted in orange, 5econds have opted to again remind the customer that they're saving 50% off the RRP price of the product. An effective reminder, and positioned so that it will definitely be seen.

Cart Expiration

Another scarcity tactic, the expiration of the cart is a 25 minute countdown timer, highlighted in blue. This timer is designed to speed up the purchase decision for the customer. Once the countdown runs out, the cart expiration script clears the customers cart, so that the customer must add the product to their cart again to checkout.

Trust Symbols & Logos

Highlighted in purple, we can see that 5econds employ good use of several trust banners. There are trust banners that answer common customer questions about shipping and money back guarantees, as well as payment processor logos to boost trust in the billing process.

Cart Page Overview

The cart page is designed with the sole goal of driving the customer to the checkout page. The use of scarcity timers, trust badges and checkout buttons effectively achieves this goal.

Marketing Overview

Shopify store cart page analysis

We can use SimilarWeb, a web analytics tool, to analyze where 5econds gets their traffic from. As we can see, they are mostly running ads on YouTube - which is an underused and underated marketing channel for dropshipping compared to Facebook ads.

This shows how they've been able to scale their store to millions of dollars in monthly revenue with relatively little competition, despite the fact that they are selling products that are highly saturated on Facebook.

Finding Top Stores To Model For Any Product

SaleSource moon lamp dropshipping product analysis showing Shopify competitors

Using the SaleSource product analyzer, if we visit the Competitors section we can instantly see the top stores by monthly revenue selling this product. In the above example the Moon Lamp has a store called SaltyCorn selling it. We can use the analyzer with any product to find top stores & see how they are marketing said items.

Final Words

Finding great stores to look at as examples can be difficult, we hope that by following the techniques and strategies in this article, you too can find great stores to model the success of your business on. Who knows, eventually one day it may be others that model their stores after yours.

SaleSource Team