How To Write High Converting Product Descriptions That Sell (For Dropshipping)

Find out exactly how to write dropshipping product descriptions for Shopify to boost conversions and automate the process.

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How To Write High Converting Product Descriptions For Your Dropshipping Business

An informative product description can be the difference between getting the sale or not. When done properly, a product description increases conversion rate significantly, educates the buyer and builds customer trust.

As well as providing information about the product, you can also use your product description to give your customers information about returns, refunds, sizing, shipping - all of which can help reduce customer service queries, decrease refunds and increase sales.

A great product description explains in detail all the benefits the customer will get when they buy your product. In this article, not only are you going to learn how to write amazing product descriptions, but how to automate the process using software, so you can spend less time researching and more time writing content that make sales. Shopify dropshipping product description good example

Why We Write Product Descriptions

A dropshipping product description conveys the benefits of your product or service in written form. It is an accurate, factual account of your product telling your customers about your product and showing your customers why they should buy from your website.

The reason we write product descriptions is that we want to give the customer the information they need to purchase the product right then and there, this includes answering any questions and objections they might have.

First things first, however, should you even write a product description? You might be thinking that your product image will do all the talking, and while it is important to have outstanding product photos - it is equally as important to have a standout product description.

Let's put it this way, Bad Product Description < No Product Description < Great Product Description . A bad product description, for example, with poor spelling and grammar, can reduce conversion rates and is harmful to your brand image. No description, in this scenario, would be better.

You'll always want to aim to have a great product description - by creating an informative and well written sales copy for your product like the examples listed in this article, you build customer trust, increase sales and reduce refunds.

Keys To A Good Product Description:

  • Is easy to read
  • Is long enough to detail all product features and benefits
  • Is persuasive
  • Compells the customer to buy
  • Pre-emptively answers customer questions about the product
  • Showcases features & benefits of the product (can be done in gif / video / image format)

The Fundamentals To A Dropshipping Description

Shopify product description with gif In the above example, a dropshipping store selling a baby food bib, we can see several description best practices being used at the same time. This particular store is estimated to be making $1,000,000+ in revenue per month, and having outstanding product descriptions is one of the reasons why they are so successful.

Spell Check

Nothing hurts the professionalism of your brand and store like misspelled words, poor grammar and punctuation. We recommend running your sales copy through on online spell checker before sending it live. If you are not a native English speaker, we recommend having one look through your copy to check it makes sense.

Bullet Points

Bullet points can be a great way to attract a readers attention. Since bullet points typically outline the key features of a product, the customer is likely to read these first. This can be used to show off the best parts of a product in just a few lines.

Bold Text

This description is skim friendly, customers do not have to read through its entire content to get the main points, which are highlighted in bold. This is certainly one of the best ways to present the most crucial information in your description and also pairs excellently with bullet points.

Animated GIFs & Videos

Short, animated gifs, with a caption or without can really catch a customers eye. Since human beings are automatically drawn to motion, the gif is like the first thing they will notice. Gifs are excellent for showing the product in action, you can find out how to make product description gifs here.

You can also opt to add captions to your gifs, to explain what is happening, but make sure that the style of the font and captions fits the theme of your store.

Shopify description animated product gif

Gifs are also superior to videos as they will receive more impressions as the average customer is less likely to click play on a product video than simply passively viewing your gifs.

Product Specifications

While you should avoid copying AliExpress product specifications outright, you might want to include important specifcation data, especially for electronics, clothing or food related products.

Customers want to know exactly what they are buying. In the above example, customers find out they're buying a product made out of food grade, environmentally friendly silicone, which is a key feature in itself.

Product Size Charts & Dimensions

An indication of the products size & dimensions can go a long way, especially if you're in the fashion niche. In the above example, a labelled picture of the product with dimensions is shown. This may be available from your suppliers product images, and again, is an excellent way to reduce sizing related returns & refunds.

Shopify product description size chart with Tabs App

If your description is too long, and requires much scrolling, customers can miss out on crucial information and leave your store prematurely.

We would recommend using a Shopify description tabs app to keep the information in your description organised and allow customers to find what they're looking for with the click of a button.

Write Descriptions For YOUR Audience

Not all dropshipping stores require long, sales copy-like dropshipping product descriptions with gifs and over-selling of features. In the example above, a decor dropshipping store has opted for a more minimal approach, using a refined set of words and phrases. This description fits the product and brand very well - the description is befitting of a product on a luxury website.

Matching the description to your target audience is key to communicating with your customers correctly. If you know that your audience are interested in environmentally friendly products, you'll want to emphasize the planet-saving benefits of your item in your sales copy.

Perhaps your audience are more interested in the technical specifications and performance of your item, in which case you'll want to lead with a bullet pointed specification list.

Answer Customer Questions - Shipping, Refunds & Returns

It's vital that you answer these commonly asked questions about shipping, refunds & returns on your website. Unfortunately, not all customers are going to seek out your FAQ page, which is where adding key information to your product description comes in. Shopify store shipping and returns

Having all the information a customer needs on the product page keeps the customer on your website, it answers all questions related to your product in the correct place and it secures the sale.

The above is an example of an excellent shipping policy, presented in an easy to read and clear manner. The policy remains completely honest whilst setting the correct customer expectations for longer than average shipping times.

SEO Optimise Your Description

In order to rank highly on Google for your product category, you must first ensure your product page content is semantically relevant to your product category keyword - this means that the words and phrases you use are related or exactly like the keyword you're trying to rank for.

If you're selling plus size womens dresses, you will want to have those specific words in your copy, as well as related phrases such as "curvy womens dresses", "red velvet plus size dress" etc.

You can use a free SEO checker on your product page to find what improvements you can make to rank higher for your desired keyword.

Automate Finding Descriptions For Your Products

Using SaleSource, you can find every other description written for your exact product on all applicable websites. This allows you to see the tone, content and style of your dropshipping product descriptiondescription that you should be writing for your own product.

While you should absolutely not copy these descriptions word for word, this powerful tool gives you an excellent template for writing your own product description, saves hours of research per product and boost sales by showing you exactly how you should be writing your description content.

SaleSource Shopify Product Description Finder

SaleSource's product description finder works for any product that ends up listed on a dropshipping store and is a vital tool for store building. We recommend using the Product Description Finder to speed up your copywriting as well as to get inspired by features of your product that other dropshippers are showcasing, but you were unaware of.

Final Words

A great dropshipping product description is an integral part of a high converting product page. A stellar sales copy helps you boost your orders, reduce returns & refunds and keep your customers satisfied by building trust and brand authority.

With SaleSource's powerful tools, writing top tier descriptions is easier and quicker than ever before - however, if you're short on time, our SaleSource Experts, who've have written thousands of descriptions, can write an epic sales copy for you.

SaleSource Team