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Picking the right drop shipping company is not an easy task. That's why we've tested all of the best US drop shipping companies in order to come up with the ult

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8 Drop Shipping Companies That Will Take Your Ecommerce Business To The Next Level

You might have heard about dropshipping and how many people have used this technique to start their own online business. So, you do a little research and discover that you need to find a reliable dropshipping company to partner with.

There are a lot of benefits to starting a dropshipping business. The biggest draw is the zero money down initial investment. This can be very enticing, however many platforms require a monthly fee.

All you need to do is a partner with a company that specialized in dropshipping and begin to market their products from your site. The company will then handle any of the shipping and logistics to deliver the product to the customer.

So far, this might sound too good to be true. However, if you find a solid company to partner with, dropshipping can be a great way to make extra income. Here is a list of the best companies and products to partner with in order to start a successful dropshipping business.

Best Dropshipping Companies

1.Doba- Doba Dropshipping

doba drop shipping company

Doba is among the most user-friendly dropshipping services around.

Doba provides a comprehensive directory of all manufacturers and gives a platform to add products to your site easily. You won't even need to partner with multiple drop shippers.

In most cases, you will need to partner with over 20 dropshipping suppliers to be successful. However, with Doba, all you need to do is find the merchandise to sell and list the item on your site.

Doba handles all of the contacts with the company and sends it to the product directly to the customer. This removes all of the hassle involved with managing multiple companies at once.


  • Doba offers over 2 million products from around 200 suppliers.
  • Customers get immediate access from the suppliers.
  • Products can be organized to export in bulk.
  • Doba will send emails about discounts, trending products, and even new suppliers.


There isn't anything negative to be said about Doba.

Costs & Pricing:

The basic Doba package starts at $29/month. Their advanced package totals $69/month, and that comes with eBay data and elite seller support access.

2. Oberlo- eCommerce Marketplace

oberlo drop shipping company

If you have yet to hear about Oberlo, then you have been missing out.

Oberlo lists themselves as the leading marketplace and offers the ability to search for products and sell them on your personal Shopify store.

Their easy to use platform that includes Shopify allows customers to connect with merchants and suppliers, who ship the products to customers directly.


  • Sleek and modern-looking user interface.
  • Seamless integration with Shopify.
  • Simple one-click Aliexpress import.
  • Free account allows you to try Oberlo.


  • It only works with Shopify.
  • The free account does not monitor shipping or order fulfillment.
  • Supports only Aliexpress.

Costs and Pricing:

What is great about Oberlo is that the free allows up to 500 products and 50 orders a month. The base pay plan starts at $29.90/month, and the expert plan is $79.90, which allows scaling to performance.

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3. Dropship Direct- Wholesale Dropshipping

dropship direct drop shipping company

Dropship Direct has access to more than 100,000 different items and over 900 brands. It is free to manage initially, but the premium access requires a $37.00/month subscription.

However, the free account allows you to try the platform for free and gives users access to an enormous stock of products.

Dropship Direct is more or less a large roster of suppliers. You simply pick items you want to sell, and you can have them forwarded to the client.

It isn’t really necessary to contact the drop shipper directly.

Dropship Direct features allow you to stay updated on any and all of the freshest trends and newest products that are always added to their inventory.

4. Sunrise Wholesale- Wholesale Dropshipping

sunrise drop shipping company

Sunrise Wholesale is a great service that allows you to ship directly to the client.

It gives you access to more than 15,000 different brands and allows you to search for any of these products easily.

The platform allows you to export any of the products, including specifications and images, directly to eBay, Amazon, or even your personal website.

It also integrated Shopify and syncs directly.

Lately, Sunrise Wholesale has partnered with a new import company that gives it access to a 600,000 sq feet distribution center to better handle orders.


  • Order processing is quick and accurate. It has been recognized for the great service with an A+ rating from the BBB.
  • All accounts include a free eBay listing and research tool. Selling on eBay is a breeze.
  • It also gives users access to the Amazon Selling and Research Manager. This is a great tool if you are just starting dropshipping.


  • The restocking fee is quite high. Users are charged a 20 percent restocking fee for non-defective products if any customers return the product.
  • With only 15,000 products from 7 suppliers, many users find the selection lacking.

Costs & Pricing:

The basic membership starts at $29.95 a month and is also offered at $99 per year.

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5. Wholesale 2B- Great Dropshipping Wholesaler

wholesale 2b drop shipping company

The Wholesale 2B platform requires users to enroll in a payment plan, but you will not be charged anything if you simply want to browse their product lineup.

How does it work?

Simply search for any items within their categories. If you find something that you would like to sell, just post it on your own site to allow people to buy from you.

When a customer places an order, the Wholesale 2B site will take a commission and send it directly to the customer.


  • They offer access to over 1.5 million products.
  • There are multiple plans to choose from. The better plans include support for Amazon, eBay, or your store.
  • They have a built-in eCommerce marketplace which easily integrates with eBay and Amazon.
  • Integrates in real-time with Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce.


  • You can't contact Wholesale 2B by email or phone directly. You have to start a ticket to contact them.
  • They don't offer many tools to analyze sales or performance.

Costs & Pricing:

They have a complex system of plans, but their lowest plan starts at $24.99 a month, and their most comprehensive plan goes up to $39.99 per month.

6. SaleHoo- Dropship Wholesaler

salehoo drop shipping company

SaleHoo generally focuses more on presenting a detailed listing for companies and allows users to utilize it with them for their business.

They do have over 8,000 companies in their network, and they give users access to over 1.6 million different products.

All of the suppliers are vetted and verified by the SaleHoo team, and they guarantee their products and services.


  • The biggest advantage of SaleHoo is its access to the dropshipping community. They manage a blog and forum so you can talk with and learn from other drop shippers just like you.
  • They offer access to the Market Research Lab, which can help you choose the products that are likely to bring in the most profits.
  • They also offer great customer support.


  • They do not offer any free trial plans. However, they do have a 60-day money-back promise.
  • Training on the platform is quite exhausting.

Costs and Pricing:

Their main plan is $67/ year billed yearly.

They have also changed their system only to offer one plan. However, it does seem to be the cheapest annual fee around.

The annual plan gives you access to the following:

  • Access to SaleHoo Supplier registry
  • Direct access to the Market Research Labs program
  • Access to the member's forum
  • Personalized email support

7. Wholesale Central- A Dropshipping Company

wholesale central drop shipping company

The website for Wholesale Central is a little lacking; however, it is a solid tool for browsing through different categories such as electronics, leather goods, and clothing.

They have access to over 630,332 items and partner with over 1000 vetted wholesale providers.

You can view the details of each shipper by simply clicking on the listing.

When you click on a drop shipper you are interested in, it will take you directly to the manufacturer's website. This means that there is no middle man to go through, and you will work directly with the manufacturers.

Costs and Pricing:

To sign up is completely free. They used to have paid plans, but now it is 100% free of charge.

8. Megagoods- Drop Shipping Supplier

megagoods drop shipping company

Megagoods is a decent direct supplier that has managed to simplify to dropshipping model altogether.

They mostly specialize in varieties of consumer electronics and video games, with products in over 45 unique categories. They have a large selection of name brand products, and they offer quick processing and private label shipping services.


  • Megagoods offers cheap monthly plans. They are one of the lowest monthly subscription fees, so you get a lot of value from their services.
  • They also offer a lot of helpful tools. Despite their low monthly fee and lack of products, they have excellent research tools and other features. This low-cost option can be a great platform if you are interested in running a consumer electronics store.


  • Megagoods seems to be lacking in the number of products that they offer. This platform might have the least amount of products out of all the sites reviewed so far.
  • They do not offer any website integration. They lack integration with eCommerce market places as well as individual stores.

Costs and Pricing:

This company does offer a 30-day free trial. After the trial expires, users are required to pay a membership premium of $14.99/month. Due to the low cost, this might be a good option for starting out, but keep in mind; they do not have the same level of integration as other platforms.


Here we have laid out the eight best dropshipping companies available today. These marketplaces are sites you must know if you are interested in starting a dropshipping company. Be sure to review the pros and cons of each before committing. Be certain that the company you settle on has all of the tools you need to be successful in your venture.

If you are just starting out, you will want to go with a platform that has good customer support as well as decent research tools. If you are a veteran drop shipper, you might be looking for a cost-friendly option. Whatever you choose, be sure to select the company that will best serve your needs. Dropshipping can be complicated, but with quality service in your corner, you can maximize your success.

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