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Want to succeed on eBay but don't know how? We've complied a list of all of the best selling items on eBay in 2020

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It's Official - These Are The Best Selling Items on eBay In 2020

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Founded in 1995, eBay is known as one of the biggest eCommerce marketplaces on the internet today. It is a platform where buyers and sellers can both auction items and shop. Sellers from all over the world sell a huge variety of new and used items. eBay is the U.S.'s second top marketplace and is known as a place where customers can find great deals on products.

In 2019, eBay's fourth-quarter sales report stated that the company earned a whopping $2.8 billion and has a GMV of $23.3 billion. According to a published report from 2018, eBay added 2 million new customers, totaling 172 million, to their marketplace. That number is a 5% growth from the year previous. eBay also boasted a 9% increase in Gross Merchandise Volume, totaling around $23 billion.

eBay is known as a versatile marketplace where buyers can find everything from the unique to the mundane. Some of the categories of items on eBay include books, clothing, collectibles, electronics, automobiles, toys, antiques, and many more.

So what are the best selling items on eBay?

Many sellers use the eBay platform as a way to increase their revenue or even as a full-time business. In order to be a successful seller, it is important to know which products are most popular according to the number of sales. By adding the most purchased products to your eBay store, you can guarantee your sales will increase.

So, to increase your sales, let's take a look at the top-selling products on eBay by category. Finding the best selling products and which price points sell the most can help any seller become successful on the eBay platform.

Mobile Phones and Accessories

Without a doubt, one of the biggest markets on eBay is in mobile phones and accessories. With technology constantly growing and developing, users are readily upgrading or buying the latest versions. The high turnover rate for mobile phones is one of the reasons for such a vast market demand. According to eBay's internal statistics, there is an average of 666 items per category in this listing.

Here are some quick figures:

  • There were 55,000 silicon cases for iPhone 6, 6s, and 7 sold
  • There were 65,000 sales of tempered glass screen protectors
  • Lastly, there were 28,000 units of in-car phone holders sold
ebay best seller phone case

The most popular brands of cases, skins, and covers include Storm Buy, Mybat, Otterbox, Spigen, and Apple. These are the brands that sell the most per volume in this category. Whenever new phones are released, there is a peak in sales for that version's accessories. This is especially true for big names like Samsung and Apple.

iphone best selling item ebay

Video Gaming

Video games and consoles are one of the top-grossing products in retail stores around the world. It makes sense then that that popularity would transfer over to platforms such as eBay. According to the listings, there is an average of 118 sold in the categories of video games. The price range starts at $4.99 and goes up to $88, with an average price of $25.23.

There's no doubt that video games and video game consoles are some of the best selling products on the eBay marketplace. The market is made up of everything from the latest AAA titles to an assortment of retro consoles and nostalgic titles. When it comes to anything video games, there are always buyers.

retro classics ebay best selling item

Retro classics such as Super Ninja Boy and the fan-favorite Final Fantasy 2 for SNES have sold around $2,000 in the past. For the NES, a copy of Donkey Kong 3 was sold for an astounding $5,350. If that wasn't enough to spark your interest, the Asian release of Mario Bros on NES sold for a shocking $25,000. People love their retro games.

controller ebay best seller

However, it's not just retro titles that make up the gaming market. Gaming products such as controllers from Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and third parties all sell well. In the category for controllers and attachments, the Microsoft Xbox One controller was the best selling item in value and amount. This product sold over 1,846 units in just 30 days and sold at an average price of $35.99. Also, the Sony Dualshock controller and several other Xbox wireless controllers sold very well.

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Health and Beauty Products

More and more people are turning to health and beauty products to keep them looking healthy and young. The eBay platform is the perfect place to sell and buy these products. In the Health and Beauty category, the best sellers include skincare products, perfume, hairdryers, hair straighteners, dietary supplements, and vitamins.

There are around 88 products that are sold in vitamins and minerals in any listing, on average. Some popular brands include GNC, Great Healthworks, Optimum Nutrition, LifeVantage, and Puritan's Pride.

healthy and beauty products ebay

In the category of vitamins and minerals, the product sold the most as Omega XL Joint Pain Relief tablets from the manufacturer, Great Healthwork. Over a 30 day period, this product sold 1,140 units at an average price of $37.

Another top-selling product is the GNC Pro Performance Fitness Pills, Omega XL tablets by Great Healthworks, and Protandim Nrf2 by LifeVantage.

It is easy to understand why beauty products are often the best selling items. Not only do people use them regularly, but they are also a go-to gift item for any occasion. Health and beauty products are among the best selling products on the eBay marketplace.

make up products ebay best seller

In the year 2018, sales records indicate that 15 were in the health and beauty category out of all the best selling products. Some of the top sellers in this category include maquillage mirrors, men's razor blades, and Moroccan oil. The total revenue for all of these products combined was over 5 million dollars in that year.

Baby Goods

It should come as no surprise that among the top-selling items on eBay are items for babies and young children. This market is always growing as children's needs change rapidly. Also, the current trend is that expectant mothers are spending more on their babies than ever before.

baby goods ebay best selling item

The most common items related to baby products were infant formula, baby skincare, diapers, and baby wipes. By far, the most profitable and popular baby item was the formula.

In the top 100 eBay listings, the weekly sales for formulas were quite high. On average, there were 4.3 items sold per listing in any given week. The average price for the item sold was $79.25.

The best selling baby formula brands were HiPP and Holle. One interesting fact about the best selling formula is that the popular Aptamil is a U.K. based company that sells its formula to the U.S. market.

In baby formulas, the price point that had the highest number of listings was set between $30 and $60. Any of the formula products that were priced between $60 and $120 were also quite popular. Lastly, any of the formula products listed under $120 also generated a high number of weekly sales.

baby formula ebay best seller

It stands to reason that the unexpected, higher price points are since buyers are purchasing the family size, or multipacks in bulk, to save money. The listings between the price point of $90 to $120 scored the greatest amount of revenue. They are also less competitive than any product priced in the $30-$60 price range.

In the last 12 month period, the overall best selling baby formula was the Aptamil 2 Follow On Baby Milk Formula in the 800g size. This primarily U.K. base brand makes up several listings in this subcategory. Generally, the price for this formula is higher in the U.K. due to the cost of shipping internationally.

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Digital Cameras

Since their inception, digital cameras have been a very consistent selling product, much like cell phones, constantly being improved and updated. Many people like to trade up when the newest model and best technology is released. Camera technology changes quite rapidly, and photographers and hobbyists want to get their hands on the latest equipment.

digital camera ebay best seller

Staying up to date with the current trends in electronics and digital cameras can help sellers get the most for their products.

Out of the top 100 eBay listings for weekly sales under the digital camera category, the data shows that, on average, there were 5.5 items sold in each listening. The average price for each of the listings was $721.54.

If you know anything about digital cameras, the top-selling brands will come as no surprise. The best selling camera brands are Nikon, Sony, and Canon, which are the most prominent manufacturers in this subcategory.

The most common listings are between $0 and $400. However, it is interesting not that digital cameras priced between $400 and $600 sell the most units and have less competition than other price points.

digital camera ebay best selling item

Also, high-end cameras with the price point of between $1,800 and $2,000 also saw a higher number of sales than any other price group that was above $600. This means that many photographers are prepared and willing to spend more money to get higher-end equipment.

In the last 12 months, the best selling camera in this category was the Canon EOS 2000D DSLR camera, which comes with the supplementary "All You Need" kit. In this category, camera bodies and complete camera kits are very popular listing titles.

Do you want to sell the best items?

In order to be a successful seller on the eBay platform, sellers need to know exactly what sells on the site. Knowing the best selling items can be helpful for sellers to get an understanding of what to sell and what to focus on most. eBay is a great tool to showcase products and sell them to a large audience.

Sellers can make really good money on eBay as an auctioneer. There is also a lot of money in selling products at a fixed price, using the information found in this article. In the future, eBay will continue to be a great place to connect sellers to their buyers, so there's no better time to start than the present.

You should have a great idea about how the eBay platform functions and what items sell the best. Using this information can help you stay ahead of the game and sell what buyers are looking for most. Whether it's your side gig, or full time job, knowing what sells well on eBay can help connect you with customers and sell the most.

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