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SaleSource provides analytics tools & resources making it easy for your ecommerce business to scale and succeed.

We provide over 3 Billion Shopify Ecosystem Datapoints to help ecommerce merchants, app developers, agencies and investors make the right decisions.

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Shopify Merchants

SaleSource is the only platform built for ecommerce entrepreneurs. With unmatched expertise and 100+ benefits, we make it easy to start and scale using our accurate, daily updated data.

Agencies & App Developers

With our custom Analytics features, you’ll get access to real-time estimates, trends, theme and app rankings to help you make more strategic decisions.


Find your investment in the Shopify Ecosystem with the most accurate, most up to date and largest dataset on the Shopify Ecosystem.

Why SaleSource?

When it comes to building a solid foundation for your ecommerce business, only SaleSource offers the expert insights, guidance, and big data you need to launch and scale in today’s fast-paced commerce landscape.


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Shopify Merchant Research, Data & Analytics

Marketing & Advertising Analytics

Shopify App Analytics

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Ecommerce is a $22 trillion global business — but to get your piece of this fast-growing industry, you need the tools, insight, and expertise to navigate the ecommerce landscape.

That’s where SaleSource comes in.

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Who Loves SaleSource?

App Developers, Shopify Merchants, Investors and agencies.

With our real-time commerce data, predictive analytics, and access to billions of Shopify App and Merchant ecosystem datapoints, it’s easy to identify opportunities in the ecommerce space.

It’s a simple, expert approach ecommerce entrepreneurs need to mitigate risk and get ahead.

And it’s all available with now. Get started.

"SaleSource saves a huge amount of time to find potential products that actually sell."

Kevin — Clothing Entrepreneur

Stay ahead of customer trends

Check real-time product sales and trends, view sales history, and browse shopper reviews so you can stay ahead of the customer demand curve

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Ecommerce Enabled

Sync with AliExpress & Shopify

By integrating with SaleSource, you’ll always have direct insight into top products, with intuitive features to help you sync with Shopify and AliExpress.

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